Chooya Privacy Policy

Being trusted by a growing number of users, it's our responsibility to protect the information you provide to us while using our service which includes all pages within the Chooya website, mobile applications, and other products and services (collectively referred to as the “Services”). When you use our Services, we ensure that the information you entrust with us is secure, safe, and protected.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update, manage, share, and delete your information and how we use them to serve you better.

This privacy policy is effective June 12, 2020.

Chooya is a technology, e-commerce, and online advertising company. Our mission is to make e-commerce inclusive for all, giving small businesses the power to be found and consumers the power to find anything they want to buy just in a click.

We have a range of services designed to help millions of our users across the globe to transact with each other and experience e-commerce in an entirely new way. These services include:

Chooya apps like Chooya Offline, Chooya Business app, websites like the Chooya Marketplace (, and API services used by third-party apps and sites.

We tend to give you control over your privacy while using our services. For instance, you can use most of our services without creating an account or when you're signed out, like search or sourcing for businesses, manufacturers, suppliers, products, or places on Chooya Marketplace and Offline App. You can also choose to go totally invisible to be inaccessible by others on the marketplace or through Chooya Offline.

If you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us

The Kind of Information Chooya Collects

The information Chooya collects is used to improve and provide better services for all our users from localizing the content base on the language you speak, the ads that interest you, or people you want to connect to. We collect a variety of information from you depending on how you use our services and manage your privacy control. For example, in order to give you a better and personalized experience while using our service, we might require that you sign up.

When you sign up to use our service, we collect information ranging from your full name, gender, email address, cookies, IP Address, device type, ISP, location, and so on. We keep all this information personal for each user.

We collect information about your location to help us offer you search results and interesting ads from businesses near you. To accurately use your location to provide such services, we collect your GPS and IP address.

When you are not signed in to Chooya, we collect specific information about the browser or device you're using. This helps us personalize some services for you based on the device or browser you use.

Information You Provide To Chooya

Aside from the information we collect from you to help provide a better service for you, you might provide us with other information while using our services like the information you upload relating to your business such as images and videos, or the requests and information you share while transacting with others.

Why Chooya Collects Your Data

We collect your information to help us provide you with excellence and personalized experience while using any of our services, improve our services, build new services, track your performance, communicate with you, and to protect us and the entire public.

For example, when you sign up for Chooya Account, we collect your name and email to keep all your search queries for you to be able to reference it anytime in the future through your search history. Aside from keeping your search history we also turn your searches into insightful information to help provide you with comprehensive analysis and possible predictions about some trends and ads that are peculiar to you based on your search history.

We use other information we collect to provide you with personalized services and/or ad promotions. As an innovative technology company, we are always on the lookout on how we could create new products and services to serve you better. We use the information we collect to identify the users who are in great need of these new products/services.

We also use the information we collect from you to communicate with you as the need arises. For example, we use your email address or phone number to communicate to you about our recent updates, change in our policies, or when resetting your password.

We also use your information to help improve the safety and reliability of our services. This includes detecting, preventing, and responding to fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical issues that could harm Chooya, our users, or the public.

Your Control Over The Information We Collect

When you're signed in, we allow you to be able to manage, review, or update information previously shared with us. This means that you can from time to time change or update any piece of information we have previously collected from you for any of our services.

Sharing Your Information

While using most of our services, you might get to share your information with other people. For example, when you search with Chooya Offline or through the Marketplace to connect with businesses and people, you may get to share your contact. Also, when you create an account or share your content while using any of our services, your information may be accessible through search engines, including Chooya Offline Search and Marketplace. We give you control over how your information is shared.

When Chooya Shares Your Information

We will never share the information you provide with us with another company or organization without your consent. Except in a case, where we might have to share your information with our affiliates and other trusted businesses or persons to process it for us, based on our instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. For example, we might contract third-party service providers to help us with customer support or some form of data processing.

For legal reasons, we will only share personal information outside of Chooya base on government requests or investigations on violation of our Term of Service.

Deleting And Retaining Your Information On Chooya

You can at any time request for your information on our server to be deleted. We might still have to retain the data for a period of time depending on the kind of information, how it is being used, or how it is generally used for our service. You can delete some other data at any time you like, such as the contents you uploaded while using our service. Some kind of information or content can only be deleted if you delete your Chooya Account, such as information about your history using our service.

Delay in removing your information on our server and the backup system might be to ensure that we follow a deletion process, investigate against accidental or fraudulent deletion.

Policy Changes

This policy is applicable to everyone who uses any of our services and is subject to change from time to time. For our users who have an account with us, we would always communicate with you about any changes or updates on this privacy policy and terms via the email associated with your account or service notification. For people who do not have an account with us, we recommend that you always visit our website to check for new changes in our privacy policy. By continuing to use our services after the changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised policies.