About Us & FAQs

What is the meaning of the word Chooya?
Chooya means “Find It”. It was picked from one of the African dialects (Ibo Language).

Why the name Chooya?
The name Chooya happens to be inline with our mission to give people the power to find anything relating to trade and commerce in Africa.

What’s our Slogan?
Find Anything, Pay Safely.

Why Do We Exist?
A lot of suppliers and professionals across traditional markets in Africa do not have access to new and sustainable markets. With those in the rural areas being excluded from global trade opportunities as a result of no or poor internet connection. So, we exist primarily to help drive the growth of the African economy by helping her Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) with the best platform to trade with people from anywhere, anytime and grow their businesses.

Do we keep inventories?
Chooya doesn’t keep physical inventories of products and services at the moment. We only keep the digital inventory of the sellers’ products and services on the platform. We only provide the buyers and sellers with a secured platform to trade and do business.

How do we determine search results?
Chooya uses its innovative algorithm which happens to be a trade secret at the moment to display the best results of sellers, products, and services based on the buyer’s searched criteria.

Why should I buy from Chooya?
Chooya provides buyers with a wholesome and secured experience starting from search, payment to delivery. On Chooya, you could find anything relating to trade ranging from products, services, events, places, and people. Interestingly, Chooya is fast, safe, effective and free to trade with any African supplier or professional.

Why should I sell on Chooya?
Aside from the online marketplace of Chooya, it is a search engine platform for trade and commerce in Africa. This means that just like Google where people go to search for general information, Chooya is where anyone goes first to search for trade rated information. So, no Africa supplier or professional should afford to miss out on being on the Africa search engine for trade and commerce. Chooya is safe, transparent and flexible for all nature of business (goods and services).

How do we vet sellers and match buyers with reliable sellers?
Our platform is open and decentralized for every lawful supplier or professional in Africa. Aside from the sellers, we mark as Government Approved (sellers who have their businesses registered with the government where they operate) and Chooya Verified (sellers who we have vetted and meet our seller’s badge standard), we use our innovative algorithm (trade secret) to filter and remove fake accounts and unreliable businesses from the buyers each time they make a search.

How do we protect and ensure safe payment between buyers and sellers?
For every payment transaction through our platform, we use our SafePay service to process the payments through our third-party payment processing partners. The Chooya SafePay allows both parties to trade on a mutual agreement with money being kept in a central vault called SafeBox. The seller can only get access to the fund on request and after delivering the products and service (transaction).

Do we charge commissions for successful transactions from sellers?
Yes! We charge a total of 10% on every transaction. The breakdown of the charge is as follows (5% sales commission and 5% payment processing fee for each transaction). At the moment, we are offering a zero-commission charge for new sellers on our platform until after completing their first 10 transactions.

What are the basic actions and activities of a buyer on Chooya?

      1. Find a business, product or service
      2. Generate a trade agreement
      3. Send Request For Invoice (RFI)
      4. Send Request For Invoice (RFI)
      5. Initiate payment and fund the SafeBox
      6. Get the product or service delivered to you
      7. Review and rate product, service and/or seller

What are the basic action and activities of a seller on Chooya?

      1. Create a store or business account
      2. Add and publish new products and services
      3. Reply to buyers’ requests with a payable invoice
      4. Get the SafeBox funded by buyers
      5. Deliver the products and services to the buyer meeting the trade agreement
      6. Make a withdrawal from the SafeBox into his/her bank account.
      7. Review a buyer.

Can I run an Advert on Chooya?
Yes! You can place or run an advert on Chooya. Currently, we have three main types of Advertisement for businesses to take advantage of Chooya.

  • Search Rank Ads: This helps business get their products, services, and profile to appear top each time a buyer searches for anything relating to them by boosting their ranking index on the Chooya search platform.
  • Keyword Ads: This helps business to get their products, services, and profile to appear top each time buyer’s search input contains one of the keywords used by the seller to boost his product, service, or profile.
  • Display Ads: This is recommended for businesses that want to get their business, products or services being advertised on Chooya in a graphical format on our platform.

What is Chooya SafePay?
SafePay is the official payment channel through which buyers make payment on our platform. SafePay leverages our third-party payment processing gateway to successfully and safely process payments.

What is Chooya SafeBox?
SafeBox is a virtual account for each transaction between the buyer and seller. It works like a joint account for the both parties. The buyer funds the SafeBox and the sellers gain access to the fund after delivering and meeting with the trade agreement.

Do we save your credit details with why using SafePay?
No! We do not collect or store your credit card details. All payments are processed by our official partment processing partners.

How do we handle disputes?
All disputes are handled by our arbitration unit (a third-part legal firm). The decision from the abitration is fair, transparent and final. Disputes that arises on our platform are not handled outside the Arbitration unit or external court.