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Our mission is to build Africa's most secured, innovative, and all-inclusive marketplace solutions that help decentralise and democratize global trade opportunities for all.

Chooya Seller/Business App

A personalized app that helps you keep track of daily sales, customers orders, invoices, and payments. Businesses on Chooya are automatically reflected on the online marketplace and found by people offline without interner using the Chooya Offline App.

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Chooya Online Marketplace

A one stop marketplace, sourcing, and procurement platform powered by verified organizations, communities and individual suppliers. Transacting on Chooya marketplace is 100% secured using Chooya SafePay, an innovative escrow payment solution for online trade.

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Chooya Offline App

Africa's first offline trade search engine app for trade. Chooya Offline is an inclusive innovation that empowers anyone to search and find people, businesses, and places in real-time with or without internet. In line with our mission to make global trade inclusive for all.

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Buying & selling on social media is now safe.

Always request for shareable Chooya e-Invoice for products you found on social media to avoid being scammed.

Chooya Shareable Invoice for Sellers.

Generate invoice using the Chooya Seller App and share with your clients and customers via email, WhatsApps, Facebook or Messenger for protection while trading with strangers or people you don't know.

Chooya Shareable Invoice for Buyers.

A lot of people are scammed while trying to buy on socia media. With Chooya e-Inovice, you can buy any product on social media safely by request for Chooya e-Invoice to make payment using our secure SafePay escrow service that helps you protect the money till you get your product delivered.

Find businesses and places without internet.

Chooya Offline mobile app is the world's first offline search engine innovation for trade. Gives you the power to find andything, trade, and pay safely all offline without internet or data subscription.

Stranded in a place with poor internet?

With Chooya Offline, you can still find the hotel, venue, supplier, or product you are looking for with the contact details, request for invoice or their service, receieve the invoice, and pay for that service or item safely using Chooya SafePay all without internet connection.

Ran out of data or low battery?

Over 65% of Africans are offline till today. Oftentimes, we run out of data or have a critical battery that we can't connect to the internet to find businesses, confirm product availability or compare prices. The solution for Africa is the Chooya Offline App.

Leverage our infrastructure to lauch your online marketplace.

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp groups or an organization of skilled people looking to trade their products and services?

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